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Auteur Sujet: Oxy 1.0 Maiden Flight - Questions  (Lu 11034 fois)

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Oxy 1.0 Maiden Flight - Questions
« le: mars 16, 2015, 01:05:05 am »
Hello - I wanted to see if anyone can answer some questions I have about my 1.0.  Did my maiden flight today and all went quite well.  Couple things I am wondering.  The weight of my backpack all up is about 900 grams.  The wind was about 8-13Kmh.  Several times it had trouble penetrating the wind.  Not sure if I need more ballast?  It didn't seem all that windy so was wondering if this is normal.  Also trying to climb doesn't seem all that effective.  Not sure if i need more angle on the backpack?  Lastly, it seemed to porpoise quite a bit forward and back, is this also normal?  I've never had a paramotor before so not sure what to expect and what is normal vs abnormal.  All the videos I have seen seem like it fly's really stable and mine not as stable.  Not sure if it was just the air currents or what.  I'll have to take a video from the ground next time.  I have video from on-board, but not sure if that would help to see it.

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Re : Oxy 1.0 Maiden Flight - Questions
« Réponse #1 le: mars 16, 2015, 08:47:32 am »

Yes of course for this wind, you will need to put more weight on your backpack. Firstofall, the best is to use a larger battery, then it's heavier for soemthing usefull ;)
Please also use the motor very slowly. On a paramotor, it's important to not climb with full power. It works not in the same way like an airplane, so the motor power has to increase very slowly and step by step. 
It's also very important to take care that the wing keeps its normal speed.